The SNAP Method (TM)

"The most empowering part of this journey was the moment I realized, that if I created these stories, then I can re-create them.  That was the day The SNAP Method was born."

~ Coleen Greco, Joyologist and Creator of The SNAP Method (TM) 





The SNAP Method (TM) was born out of necessity.  As I was going through my journey, I realized that although I was nearing what I had considered my goal weight, that I was nowhere near feeling better.  I realized that I hadn't dealt with the emotional issues that drove my weight gain in the first place.  I asked my nutrition coach a very simple question: "Don't you want to know what caused my weight gain so that we can develop strategies that help me to never go back there again?"  He replied "I'm not your therapist".  The SNAP Method (TM) was born to solve that problem and it has, for not only me but hundreds of my clients.  Once a client is willing to face their own stories, there is nothing holding them back from JOY.  JOY is our birthright and it's my mission to make sure everyone within my reach experiences the level of joy I feel every single day.