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Mindset & Accountability Coaching

I used to say to my husband, if I only had a wife as well.  I meant no disrespect to him or anyone else but truthfully, I just felt as though I couldn't get out of my own way.  I had no one looking over my shoulder to make sure I was staying on track.  I just needed an extra pair of hands to get through everyday.

Through mindset and accountability coaching, that is exactly what you'll get.  During this 4 month engagement, we will set you up to be able to hold yourself accountable.  Develop systems that enable you to remain on track and productive while giving your best self to your family and friends.  Here's just some of what you can expect: 

Nutrition Coaching

Food is a necessity and a luxury but we expect more from it than it can give us.  I

It's ONLY purpose is to keep you alive.  How you fuel yourself is extremely important to not only your physical health but even more so, your mental health.

Take it from one who knows, there are NO quick fixes.  Every diet ever conjured up by man (or woman) fails.  Every single one.  Why?  They are intended to hook you.  You buy the image that the diet is selling.  The slim bikini or board short model with the carefully coiffed hair that has a perfectly even tan and flawless skin.  That is not reality, that's marketing - and that comes from a marketing expert!  These "plans" provide rapid, unsupervised weight loss - which is nice in the short term right, for that quick fix?  How many of them teach you how to KEEP the weight off so that you can return to living your best life?  How many are actually designed for your optimal health?  Did you know, for example, that Keto is a treatment protocol for EPILEPSY, not a weight loss program?  Have you thought about how consuming all of that fat will affect your blood pressure, liver or heart In both the short term and long term?  

I don't share this to scare you but to educate you.  Keep reading. 

But WHY do diets fail?  Because they don't take YOU into account.  You are uniquely you. Your body, your mind, your circumstances, food preferences, food tolerances, profession, sleep patterns, stressors, body shape - ALL OF IT is unique.  It's a special combination wrapped up In YOU.  So no two plans can be alike for the simple reason that you will respond differently.  I work with clients that are willing to get Into the work In order to make lasting changes.  And I will be honest with you, not all clients succeed for the sheer fact that not everyone likes to address the things that drove them to their current state - and that's ok.  One day they will, and when that day comes, I will still be here, ready to serve them.

I offer a 3 month starter program for folks that want to get a handle on how their body responds to food. Here's just some of what you can expect: 


I'll share with you stories that will encourage and inspire you, while helping you to reach your goals.  YOUR GOALS ARE MY GOALS!  We will learn to love the scale together.  You will discover self love, learn how to redirect triggers, let go of stories that no longer serve you.  

I also offer a 6 month transformation program for those looking to make lasting changes.  90 days is a fantastic start but rarely are lifelong habits on auto-pilot that quickly.  I will teach you everything I know about food and how it affects your body.  We will work to unlock the chains that bind you, keep you feeling stuck and lacking interest and energy.  You will re-discover joy in the small moments of each day - set goals and break down barriers to progress.  Here's just some of what you can expect:

Personal Training

Physical fitness is for your mental health.  Don't believe me? 

When you exercise, your body creates fresh, rich, red blood cells that shoot straight up to the brain and produce serotonin - the body's natural mood stabilizer.  Serotonin helps to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.  Workout to work off the stress, not the pounds.  Food makes you overweight, and food will take the weight off.  I  encourage you to not expect  unrealistic outcomes.  Fitness is proven to increase your confidence, your positive outlook and perhaps the most important improvement: your sleep!  Sleep Is where the true transformation begins.  When your body is given the time to rest and repair, it's able to change.

I offer personal training through a virtual platform.  I am happy to provide 1:1 training through live video feed or provide you on demand classes that fits your schedule.  At times, I will create custom fitness plans but please note those plans are reserved for clients that have a proven track record of good form and technique.  We don't need you getting injured! 

3 one hour virtual (live) training sessions per week: $225.  Inclusive of warm up, cool down, abs and training class.  Every class Includes a 5 minute (or more) abdominals workout!

3 virtual (on demand) training sessions per week: $150.  Inclusive of warm up, cool down, abs and training class.

Custom Training plans available on a case by case basis and priced based on the plan.

Refund Policy: I take my work very seriously and give 150% daily. I don't enter into a relationship assuming it won't work out.  Within the first 30 days, I will offer a partial refund, minus my $150 set up fee.   After 4 weeks, clients must continue with the program or forfeit the funds.