Nutrition and Mindset Coaching 

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Do you feel stuck and you don't know why?

Do you feel lonely? Isolated? 

Scared that no one else could possibly feel this way? 

What if you didn't have to feel this way? 

What If you could work with someone who used to be in this exact same scenario and overcame it?

I've worked with over 400 women to get unstuck, love the skin they are in and develop a firm foundation of self love!

I started with myself. 52 lbs ago.

My clients have overcome: 

Morbid obesity

Imposter syndrome

Thoughts of "not good enough"

 Type 2 Diabetes

Consumed by stress

Low self worth

Weight loss drugs and so much more!
What if you could reclaim control of your life?  

Freedom from your thoughts?

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📷: Mary Gardella

Group Coaching

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
African Proverb

As human beings we are HARD wired for connection and one of the most effective ways we learn and absorb information is through shared experiences.  Our small group coaching program is a powerful way for any woman to make significant process in a short period of time in a psychologically safe, judgement-free space.
I have coached over 400 women in the last 4 years to prioritize themselves and their health.  I have personally lost 52 lbs and kept it off for the last 5 years.

 Are you ready to dive in and say YES to yourself? 

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📷: Mary Gardella

Private Coaching

I am worthy of the best things in life, and I now lovingly allow myself to accept it.  

Louise Hay

Some women feel a more private setting is best suited for them.  Perhaps their trauma is just too painful to share in a group session or they want to experience accelerated results in a shorter period of time in a concentrated session.  

For these clients, I have a limited number of private session timeslots available.

 Are you ready to dive in and say YES to yourself

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Each week in my coaching practice, we will cover a new topic that takes you closer to the goal of self love, removing limiting beliefs and loving the skin you are in.  These topics are in full alignment with your and other group members goals.  We walk through concepts and exercises to illustrate where these concepts appear in your own life and make commitments to work toward that concept in between calls. The work is action-oriented and progress can be seen as soon as the first call!

This is not JUST a weight loss program and thus you will have little to compare this program to.  I teach you how to lose the weight but more importantly, how to keep the weight off and live out the rest of your days deeply In love with who you are as a woman.  You deserve nothing less.  I'd like to invite you to consider the value of self love.  Is it worth $5/day?  $10?  $20?  Once our time together is complete, I know your answer will change 10x.

This IS an investment.  I do not work with women who wish to lose 10 lbs before a summer vacation, I am here to have life changing conversations.  The structure of those programs are fundamentally different.  

I will also share that women who lack self love (99% of the population) do not feel comfortable investing in themselves and allow fear to drive their decisions. Let today be the LAST DAY that happens.  What if you actually DID love yourself enough to change your life?  Would it be worth It?  Of course it would!  As we have our conversation, be very mindful of allowing fear to drive your decisions. I was the same way, so I share this with every woman I meet with.  That's one reason I address the topic of budget up front.  99% of women will choose to NOT move forward because they don't feel they are "worth it" yet this program SOLVES for that.  What a vicious circle!!!  

For those that have considered making the investment in themselves, and have budget committed, I invite you to book a complimentary call with me to make sure we have the right rapport to move forward.   Before you do please consider the following: 

Book a complimentary call with me


Refund Policy: I take my work very seriously and give 150% daily. I don't enter into a relationship assuming it won't work out. This journey is highly customized to you and your personal goals and objectives.  As a result, we are unable to offer refunds.  Should you need to put your journey on pause due to an unforeseen circumstance, you may do so for up to 30 days one time during our 6 month engagement.  I would encourage you prior to considering this step, that the circumstance that arose, may be EXACTLY the reason you need to continue moving forward toward mastering joy!  Life will continue to happen and we will work through how to navigate these situations so that they no longer throw you off course.  There will be a $250 reactivation fee required if you choose this option.