About Coleen

Why Work With Me?

Coleen’s wellness journey was born out of trauma.  She coped and numbed her pain with food and alcohol.  At her highest weight she realized that she needed a major transformation of mind/body and soul if she was going to set a good example for her husband and children and help them all through this difficult time.  

She successfully lost 52 lbs and has kept it off for over 4 years  while completely changing her relationship with food and herself.  

During this journey she developed the SNAP Method ™ which is a proven methodology for working through the stories that keep people emotionally stuck and helps them redirect their response to triggers.  She has successfully coached hundreds of clients to better more productive and positive versions of themselves.  Mindset is a HUGE part of this journey and in more ways, it is more important than nutrition and exercise, but in truth it is the delicate balance of these 3 elements that yield a happier, healthier and holistic human.